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Monday, June 05, 2006

And the Tent Comes Down

The 38th LD brought out the big guns tonight, including all three of its elected representatives (Sen. Jean Berkey, Rep. John McCoy, and Rep. Mike Sells) as well as Snohomish County Executive, Aaron Reardon to let upstart supporters of Mark Wilson know who really owns this district. In a move that will only please the "Nobody but Maria" crowd, the folks who run the LD managed to bring in those ringers who rarely attend LD meetings (and then only when directed by the party elders) to vote to rescind the endorsement that Wilson received in the mail just prior to his announcement of that endorsement at the State Democratic Convention. Thus is the democratic process according to the 30 year member of the 38th LD (and aide to Sen. Berkey) who said when she was asked how they could so easily nullify the legal votes of the previous meeting, "Stuff happens. Get over it!"

The proposed motion to rescind the endorsement (which was duly noted in the "Call to Meeting") was put forward by State Representative John McCoy, a PCO who had not been present at the May 1st meeting. There was a disagreement between the Chair, Marian Harrison, and Curt Eidem, LD representative to the Snohomish County Executive Board (who is considering a run for LD Chair in January and who had actually placed the proposed Motion to Rescind into the Call to Meeting) over the validity of the motion with the reluctant decision of the Chair being that the motion could stand. As soon as there was a second I stood to "Object to the Consideration of the Motion". Again there was much discussion over this little used parliamentary procedure, followed by a very confusing voting period in which the majority of those present were unsure as to what result an aye or a nay vote would produce. The ayes and nays were called for, immediately followed by a call for "Division of the House." At this point, the true nature of the Motion to Rescind was revealed. When two LD members, Charlene Rawson and Michele Pin (Snohomish County Corresponding Secretary) did not fully understand the voting instruction (rising to vote "Aye" would sustain the objection), they were instructed by 38th LD PCO (and bi-annual meeting attendee) Dylan Malone, that "If you support Maria, you should sit down."; which they both did. As we were voting on a motion that applied exclusively to Mark Wilson, I felt this was a rather strange instruction. After a couple of false starts, the vote to sustain my objection failed and we went on to debate the original motion to rescind the endorsement of Mark Wilson.

John McCoy began his speech in favor of his motion by reminding everyone that he had not been at the original meeting in May but that he had heard the process was somehow flawed. Therefore, he was making the motion to rescind based upon a flawed process for which he could offer no proof or exact evidence other than "I heard..." (I hope he doesn't do it this way in Olympia). As an after thought, he said Maria Cantwell was still a good senator even with her "questionable votes". At this point I made a point of inquiry to ask the Secretary if all of the 38th LD Bylaw procedures of notification had been followed with notice being provided to all of the members of the LD. I was informed that indeed every LD member had been duly notified of the May meeting and that the Call to Meeting did contain the required language that endorsements might be considered. Next, LD member Harry Abbott stood to speak against the motion by saying that those who had taken the time to attend the May meeting and voted for the endorsement of Mark Wilson did so in good faith and with the understanding that the will of the majority would prevail. He went on to say that many people were unhappy with Senator Cantwell and that they believed the candidate who best represented them was Mark Wilson. He asked if there was something wrong with the LD honoring the vote of those members. Harry was followed by Dylan Malone (again, not present for the original vote) who reminded us of how wonderful Maria Cantwell is and how we should unite behind one candidate. After Dylan came PCO John Flowers who again stated the fact that everyone had had an opportunity to attend the meeting and vote and, just as there were people absent from tonight's meeting who would not be able to vote on this motion, there should be something honorable in accepting the vote of those who are present at the time of any vote and they should not be cast out because they do not follow the dictates of the party's pre-determined nominee. After John came our State Committeeman, Kelly Wright who also was not at the original vote but his was a much better excuse. He was working on the Coordinated Campaign on that night. As a matter of fact, Kelly told about how the campaign office erupted when they got word (and it did travel fast) of the 38th's vote to endorse Mark. According to Kelly, calls went out almost immediately to Snohomish County Chair, Mark Hintz to ask how this was allowed to happen. At this point, our Chair, Marian Harrison took a point of personal privledge to say the she was never contacted directly by anyone to ask about the process or procedure involved in granting this endorsement by her own LD. Kelly finished by making the obligatory remarks about Mark's previous party affiliations. Our final speaker in opposition to the motion was Ed Vaughn who spoke passionately about how he felt personally insulted by the assault on his vote to endorse Mark Wilson. Ed spoke about making the effort to come to the LD meetings and said that effort should be rewarded and not insulted just because the losing side can simply find some new votes for the next meeting and simply nullify your vote. The vote was taken and the Wilson side went down to resounding defeat.

In my remarks during "Good of the Order", I informed the body that they had indeed voted to rebuke, revoke, and invalidate the votes of some newly active fellow LD members who thought they were becoming involved in a democratic process where you come to the meetings and do the work and you get rewarded. Instead, what they were told tonight was that, if your are bold enough (or stupid enough) to mess with the machine, you will be burned and quickly put back in your place. The vote to rescind the endorsement set a precedent in this LD that has never created the language or a governing rule for rescinding an endorsement. In so doing, we have now established a guiding principle in this LD that says, "If we disagree, we will have a month to round up new bodies to defeat you." This vote was not about correcting a bad process. The process was followed to the letter according to the rules of our LD. It was hardly about Mark Wilson as a candidate. It was about the old school 38th flexing their muscle at the behest of the Cantwell Campaign. This was a direct insult to certain members of the LD, the LD Chair, and to the democratic process.

By the way, did I mention that all of the above occured AFTER Maria Cantwell had been recommended for and had received the endorsement of the 38th LD just minutes before?

Leaving Yakima, I had felt pretty good that the State Democrats had finally opened the tent, if only just a bit to allow alternative candidates to speak to the convention. Tonight, the 38th folded up the tent.


Chad (The Left) Shue


SoulRebel said...

You have worked very hard to bring integrity to the 38th LD Democrats. You, Jackie, and a few others there I consider friends and patriots. I have and will continue to support Mark Wilson as the progressive hope for Washington's future. But you are seeing now that the Democrats are broken and corrupt in the same way that the Republicans are. The fallout of the two parties' policies may be different, but only in terms of severity as "good" Senators like Maria Cantwell continue to fund war while they object to ANWR drilling (I'm sure that this was brought up by her supporters during debate.)

I'd like to remind you guys that our good friend Martin predicted this, and smelled the rat of "politics as usual" long ago. I recognized it shortly after, and following Maria, Rick, Patty, and Jay all casting votes to continue funding the war I resigned my position as 38th PCO. Frankly, I'm amazed that you have made as much headway with the 38th as you did. It's a testament to your commitment and capabilities as a true progressive leader (and I mean that in every sense of the word, truly.) But the brick wall has just hit you in the face, as I sensed it would at some point. And I'm very sorry about that. Perhaps if people like Martin and myself had not become so disgusted with the Democrats, and stuck with it, it would have been an assistance to your cause. Perhaps. But we (you) are wrestling with a much bigger beast than the 38th LD Democrats.

On a side note, I cannot help but express my utter disappointment at those folks that we were comrades (for lack of a better term) with during the Dean movement, who have now joined the rank and file of the strongarmers in the party. It is political thuggery that they now practice.

Your friend,

micheleinmukilteo said...

Yes, the "Objection to the Consideration of the Motion" – your objection to the body considering the motion to rescind the endorsement was a little used and not clearly executed and therefore throughly confusing.

I apologise for not getting that right. I had told you that I was against rescinding the endorsement. Your job as a whip would have been to help us out.

However, once that was over and we were to vote on the motion whether or not to rescind the endorsement –I think that you might double check the numbers.

Connie Barndt, Rashida Harris, Charlene Rawson and myself among others supported the action of the body at the last meeting and voted against rescinding the endorsement. That was a close vote in the end. We’ll need to double check the numbers with Connie and Monty.

Regarding the numbers, I would also point out that you had ample warning on this impending motion and could have pulled out a few more Mark Wilson supporters to hold the endorsement. I do feel like you knew that this was coming and now are crying crocodile tears.

I am disappointed that you gave such little consideration in your post to the last motion made to endorse Mark Wilson. You state that “the Wilson side went down to resounding defeat” – actually the vote was 17 to 12 – could have been closer had you been able to pull in more supporters.

As we said over Hot Coco at Denny’s afterwards, there’s still September’s meeting before the primary and a lot could happen between now and then.

Keep up the good fight!

Jim S said...

Chad and all,

Please don't give up on the Democrats. There is more to unite us than divide us. Nothing is perfect - no candidate, no party. Please help make the Democrats the best it can be.

Jim Sizemore

Chad Shue said...

While I was pretty sure that the vote would go the way that it did, my greatest disappointments of the night were when you and Charlene took your cue from Dylan that, if you support Maria you should sit down and then later when you, a former Howard Dean supporter judged Mark Wilson by the value of his bank account rather than by his core values.

As for your motion at the end of the night for another attempt at an endorsement for Mark, I felt it was just another embarrassment for those of us who had just had our votes and voices nullified by the same folks who were still in the room. To pour salt into the wound, as I recall you voted AGAINST your own motion. Nice touch.

You are correct that there is much that can happen between now and September. I will do what I can for Mark, Lillian, and Eric (The PCSCD endorsed candidates) and spend as much time as I can on DFSC’s upcoming Renewable Energy event. I do not have much use for Democratic politics right now (especially the 38th) so it is probably good that we have a couple of months with no meetings.


Chad (The Left) Shue

New10 said...

Expect more of this behaviour from any party that wants to "take our country back" instead of taking us forward.

"Had enough" yet?

Willis said...

"...and then later when you, a former Howard Dean supporter judged Mark Wilson by the value of his bank account rather than by his core values."

Dude - Dean had $$. You might be able to make this argument with a Kucinich supporter - but Dean was leading the money race for most of the Primary/Caucus season. Wilson hasn't raised enough to buy a decent car.

micheleinmukilteo said...

So much for trying to support you and others to have Mark Wilson's voice heard.

I truely wanted the motion for rescinding the ensorsement to fail.

The lesson is to inform us of your intentions - you had plenty of chance to let us know your plans - so that we can do it right.

The 38th LD should have just endorsed Maria Cantwell at the last meeting. A dual endorsement wouldn't have drawn such fire.

My goal is to have all voices with in the party heard!

micheleinmukilteo said...

By the way - I ABSTAINED on that motion. I did not vote against Mark Wilson.

Also, although $ in the bank is a consideration - as an analysis of a candidate's viability...

Mark Wilson's weak answers to my questions on Health Care, compounded with his egocentric runs (on two different party tickets) against our excellent two candidates Jay Inslee and Patty Murray -- doesn't make me want to bail out on our incumbant to support this guy.

I repeat, I want his anti-war vote heard. But it will be up to his supporters to build support for Mark Wilson. I will support your efforts and send folks your way, but I will not vote for him.

Dean was the total package! If you remember like that previous post Kucinich was the "perfect"

I have not gone to the dark side!

I can't wait to be backing the same candidate for 2008! Al Gore Russ Feingold.

I'll be looking for a progessive candidate who can get us out of Iraq and cut our Health Care costs.

Take care and keep it up.

megamerican said...

The 38th may not have standing rules about rescinding endorsements but I am certain it isn't the first time it has happened. Even the SCDCC has rescinded endorsements.

One day I am certain that every supporter of Mark Wilson, except perhaps his childish waif, I mean wife, will come to realize that he is a big phony. He is a joke.

For anyone that wasn't at the convention, he actually claimed to have been on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot!

The man is on drugs!! How anyone can listen to him and not laugh out loud is beyond me.

What accomplishments does this man have that demonstrate his leadership and ability to get a job done? What has he ever done in his life? No one knows!

His claim to fame is 13 months in the marines, starting a chapter of Veterans for Peace, and now he claims he was on the grassy knoll. Oh, and he likes to tell people he knows which way the wind is blowing because he was a weatherman once. He sure does know which way the wind blows and he goes wherever it takes him.

Anyone reading this is more competent to be a senator than this guy! If you want a serious challenger to Maria Cantwell, find one... but don't support this big phony for lack of a real candidate.

seabos84 said...

my ideas about openess exist precisely to prevent this kind of back door crap.

we have these midnight resolutions at the 36th dist dems ... I've seen them for the 14 years I've gone on and off.

too bad Mark and you got shafted.

too bad too many in the party can't see that open processes bring in more people and make a stronger party - well, unless, someone needs to be in charge no matter what, then who needs a strong organization?


My Experiences as a Campaign Peon

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DataWare House - NO!


SoulRebel said...

Anti-war is the ONLY platform as far as I'm concerned. Everything else - yes, including healthcare, including education, including fixing election fraud (this is next!) - is secondary.

If Maria recanted her previous votes supporting the fraud of a "war", and moved forward with a pledge to oppose further funding for the travesty, she would have my vote.

Party insiders don't seem to understand - this is a protest. It's all I have - my vote - and you can't buy it, not for anything. I will not vote for a pro-war candidate (yes, if you vote to fund the war you are PRO-war), I will not submit to politics as usual. If it is a wasted vote, then so be it. If Mike McGavick wins, then so be it.

This violation of international law and human dignity I will not tolerate. And that goes for Jay Inslee too. I think Jay is as progressive a candidate as almost any, but if he continues to vote for war funding, I will vote for someone else. Period.

Call me stupid. Fine. I'm not though. Call me ignorant. Fine. I'm not though. I'm just plain and simple fed up.

Some are claiming that Mark is shaky on some policies. Oh well. I'd rather have shaky on some policies that PRO-WAR. But this isn't even about Mark. It's about Maria and her lack of vision.

Sandy said...

Guess I need to check my hearing aids but I would have sworn Mark say he was "around the corner from the grassy knoll".

Remember what Maria Cantwell said, "I will not be bought or bullied"? Well it sounds like some had no problem taking part of her statement and bullying people into rescinding an endorsement.

What those folks did in the 38th, nullifying the votes of people who showed up to a meeting with the notice of endorsements, in my pea-brain head, is no different than what happened in Florida.

Yes the tent came down and with it, the party will lose people who want to really work and change things. What is even sadder is someone's voice/opinion was disrespected in the worst way.

Discussion (debate) is good for the soul, but when you try ramrod things down people's throats, you are no different than our current administration.

Shame on those who bullied their way to an endorsement for Maria Cantwell. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

Bill said...
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Bill said...

I must agree with Sandy here. I in no way support Mark, but no one should feel bullied by their Party.

Recision of an endorsement is an extreme step, and should be allowed - IMHO - only in cases where an endorsement was improperly obtained, candidate malfeasance, incompetence, or withdrawal of the candidacy.

Chad Shue said...

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I do find myself more and more questioning my stubborness at hanging on but, while "they" may believe "they" control it all, the fact that "they" were frightened enough to do this tells me we are having some effect.
I am trying to not give up on the Demnocrats but they are trying their damnest to give up on me...and you...and Ed....and Harry...and the rest of us.
I appreciate your frame and I have stopped using the "Take our Country Back" mantra some time ago for "Reclaiming my Democracy". See above about whether I have had enough. I'm old enough now that I have not much else to lose by staying in the fight.
I appreciate your analogy between Dean and Kucinich but that was not really my poorly stated point. My point was that, anyone who was either a Dean or Kucinich supporter knows that, when the machine couldn't compete with their message, they attacked based on the notion of "electibility". For someone from that camp to now use that same argument against another canididate trying to fight against the status quo, I find unsettling.
Thanks again for playing the Left Shue Game. Unfortunately your mean spirited comments just do not gain you many points. Perhaps you have had too many people pick on your momma and think that it makes it ok for you to take on Mark's wife but it is not acceptable practice here. Sandy is correct, by the way, Mark said he was around the corner from the grassy noll. Finally, if you develop some reading comprehension, you would realize that the posting is less about Mark than it is about the practice of the "ruling class" of the 38th squashing the votes and voices of other LD members simply out of spite and power.
Welcome to the Left Shue. As I hope you know, I admire your work over on "that other blog" and am glad to beallied with you in the effort to hold this party accountable.
Thanks for your comments. I agree with your assesment that acts like the one that took place last night will have the effect of driving away more people who would otherwise join us.


Chad (The Left) Shue

Ozy said...

Great Comments Everyone. Except I must take exception to megamerican.

Obviously a COWARD repuke.
Please take all your meds at once.

Thank you =)

Great post Chad!

Ozy said...

One more point I want for the record.
When Ms.Cantwell loses the general election,I hope that these old school folks
Don’t start crying, “It was those damn progressives!”

That dog won’t hunt!

The reason she will lose is because of Maria Cantwell and the DLC eforcers who have corrupted what the real democrats were all about.

The hierarchy of the democratic party, both state and local, are doing all they can to help their incumbent Senator. This is the way it should be in the general election not in the primary. Primary elections are for the democratic registered voters to make the call as to whom they want to be the candidate in the general election.

The party officials should see to it that no one candidate, incumbent or challenger, should get the support of any official party leader. They should see too it that all are treated equally.

All information and support about candidates should be available to every registered democrat.

It is regrettable that this is not the case at the present time.

Democrats should demand to know who is running and if they may make a better representative than the incumbent. Equal time should be given to all candidates at any and all open democratic events especially conventions!

The best way to discourage people from voting is to deny them the information on whom they may want to vote for in the elections.

Wake up Democratic Party officials! Your attitude is a prescription for defeat in November.

It's a damn shame that the democratic leadership has chosen the next democratic Senator, incumbent Maria Cantwell. I have always thought the voters of the state should have that right in a primary election.

It’s all about the money! It’s not what’s best for the people.

Out with the sellouts and sheep!
Fight to get your party away from the DLC Demacons.

wnm said...

I wonder with all the anti-war one issue comments, do any of you factor in the fact that our country, yours and mine has destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq in George and company's drive for power in the middle East?

Is it right to just leave them with the rubble of our actions?

It seems to me that we have an obligation to help them put things back together.

Cheers! W.N.(Bill) McCaw

wnm said...

Those Democrats that argue "No more funding of the war", are not recognizing that we and our country are responsible for destroying the Iraq infrastructure.

Shouldn't we stick around with money and personnell to help put them back together?

The China Hut rule applies. "If you break it, you buy it"

Justin said...

Those Democratic Party leaders and elected officials who try to intimidate progressive Dems into rallying in lock-step behind Cantwell are a sad bunch. In their insecurity and misplaced loyalty, they don't understand that they are costing Democrats electoral victories and effectively giving up their own positions of influence. Sacrificing principles for short-term political gain has always been and will always be devastating to the Democratic Party's ability to galvanize voters and to win elections. Centrist Party "leaders" and officials who don't get that, who would corrupt the democratic process, will get their own electoral come-uppances in short order.

Chad Shue said...

I think that you will find amongst the anti-war group here universal agreement that the United States has an obligation to clean up the mess our congress allowed George W. Bush to create. We just disagree with him that you clean up a mess with the same military force you used to create it in the first place. The same goes for the funding. For almost four years our country has been dipping into imaginary coffers to apply a $400 BILLION IOU (to our kids and grandkids) to pay for the invasion, occupation, and rebuilding of Iraq. Bear in mind that we were told that Iraqi oil revenues would cover almost all of this expense.

Those of us here do not have the problem recognizing this country's responsibilities but, apparently some others in the Democratic Party due. You may want to check out this previous entry:

Thank you for your comments and for engaging in the conversation.


Chad (The Left) Shue

Allen McPheeters said...


You have my sympathies. Early in my first gig as a PCO, I attended the party's county convention to vote for delegates to the state convention. I was in favor of one candidate for the party's Presidential nomination; there was another strong candidate as well. By the time I left that day, I'd had a wonderful (if stinging) lesson in the importance of out-organizing your opponent. So we nominated G. W. Bush instead of John McCain.

All of which is to say that politics is a rough game, regardless of the team you play for, and you have to be prepared to have your people in place when the voting comes down.

But the real reason I'm posting is because of the comments just above mine. I disagree with you on whether it was right or not to invade Iraq, for reasons I'd be happy to explain if you were interested. But I'm willing to believe that men of good faith and honorable intent can disagree on public policy. What I want to know is, if you "just disagree with (Bush) that you clean up a mess with the same military force you used to create it in the first place," then what is your plan on how to clean up the mess in Iraq?

DakotaOutlaw said...

Wow! What a powerplay! Cantwell's people moved in on the 30th LD by purchasing a table, a measly $400 for a table of eight, at a Veterans Remembrance banquet. At the most recent meeting of the 30th group, a resolution was made to "rebuke" the King County Democrats group for hesitating in endorsing Cantwell's candidacy for senate. A couple of folks were loudly declaiming about "loonie leftists." For a moment or two, I thought I was at a Republican meeting. A few noises were also made about the Wilson endorsement of the 38th.

When the resolution was called for a vote--they wanted it to be unanimous, of course--however, I actually had a wrestling contest with my conscience and discovered I had one--I could not say "Aye," but I didn't want to say "Nay" either so I shouted "Abstain!" One person made a huffy exit, muttering as she exited. As a result of my "Abstain" they toned down the rebuking language to more of a recommendation but I was definitely in bad odor with the group.

I kinda wonder what country I'm in.

dave grumbois said...

Hi Chad:

Dave Grumbois here. We met in Yakima.

Very sorry to hear about the strong-arm tactics... this is really, really disappointing. I agree with the poster who said a dual endorsement would have been infinitely preferable.

I guess that Cantwell doesn't want progressives to vote for her. She certainly hasn't acknowledged us. If she thinks she can beat McGavick without us, fine. If Mark doesn't win the primary, I say we all vote for McGavick and flip the bird to the state party. They are beholden to us, not the other way around.

Oh, I know what some are saying. McGavick??? NOOOOOO!!!!! But, I'd rather be shot in the face than stabbed in the back.