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Sunday, July 09, 2006

More on Wilson - Cantwell

I stand by every word I have spoken, every word I have typed, and every action I have taken thus far in the 2006 U.S. Senate race in Washington State. To Mark Wilson, I say thank you for your efforts to this point and to Senator Cantwell I say, congratulations on your savvy in bringing Mark into your campaign. For me, however, little has changed. In September, I will have little reason to vote in the Democratic primary (except, possibly for myself as a PCO). In November, I will vote for the Democrats because I must.

There will be some who will ask of me (as they did when Howard Dean dropped out and endorsed John Kerry), if you were a Mark Wilson supporter and he now endorses Cantwell, why don’t you follow. To them, my answer remains the same. Mark Wilson, just as Howard Dean, gave voice and a face to my issues and values. However, the race was never about him but, rather, about those issues and values that I care about most. I have not seen the shift in Cantwell that Mark alludes to in his statements of new found support. As a matter of fact, Seattle Times columnist and new Blogger, David Postman relates in his Blog Postman on Politics “Asked specifically about Cantwell's position on the Iraq war and occupation, Wilson said, "I'm seeing an evolution." But Cantwell was clear -- at least as clear as she could be in the very short time allowed for questions at what was billed as a "major campaign announcement" -- that she has not changed her position on Iraq. She said recent statements she has made and the recent Senate vote calling for troop withdrawal beginning this year have been "a reaffirmation for people of what I've been saying." (Bold emphasis mine. TLS)

In a personal phone conversation that I had with Mark on Saturday (confirming that he would be dropping out of the race and going to work for the Cantwell campaign), he told me that after a face to face meeting he had with the senator, he felt that she had indeed shifted her stance on Iraq. He said that he had asked her the important question about, “If you knew then what you know now…” He said that she told him that under those circumstances there would not have been a vote. I felt concerned that I had to point out to Mark Wilson that the answer only dodged the question and did not say how she might vote in the future (think Iran). I suggested to Mark that the issue was not about this vote but instead should be focused on her position on the policy of unprovoked pre-emptive war. To my mind, Senator Cantwell, just as Joe Lieberman and the rest of the DLC crowd has yet to criticize the policy – only the way Bush has bungled the job. He said that he would continue to press her to be clearer on the subject. Mark was not able to reassure me on the issue of the Patriot Act and if he felt Cantwell “got it” on the question of civil liberties. He certainly did not have any answer on her “Free Trade” votes (as recently as last week). Please do not misread these comments as a harsh criticism of Mark. I respect his decision and wish him the very best. I expect to see him sometime soon as the new “Progressive Outreach Guy” (I just made that up).

To those in the larger Progressive community who would suggest to me that I move toward a 3rd party candidate in November, I say this: While we agree on most things, you have not earned my support at this time. Where have you been for the past six years? In the case of the Green Party, you can’t even present me with a candidate who has bothered to vote never mind stand up publicly against these issues coming from our Congress. I know even less about Mr. Guthrie of the Libertarians. You have not done the vital work necessary to build a party that can attain more than a single digit percentage of the vote. While I do have extreme reservation about Senator Cantwell’s desire to represent my values in the senate, I am absolutely certain that this state and this country cannot benefit from sending Mini-Slade to Washington DC. One area where Mark and I continue to agree is this, anything short of voting for the Democrat in November assures a republican pick-up in this seat. Voting 3rd party to prove a point or punish Cantwell or even just staying home simply increases McGavick’s advantage. If you want to make a real difference in 2008 or 2012, get to work building a real statewide party structure. Or, to quote John Lennon, ”You say you want a Revolution, well you know, we’d all love to see the plan.” Without the plan, you will still just be part of the problem.

In an interesting piece of (unintended?) irony I just ran across this in the Seattle PI piece on Wilson's endorsement of Cantwell: "On Sunday, Cantwell said that instead of the immediate withdrawal many Democratic activists want, she believes the U.S. should stay in Iraq until the situation is stabilized. She said she supports benchmarks and deadlines for turning over the running of Iraq to the newly elected government.

"No one believes we should write a blank check," Cantwell said."

Gee Senator, we didn;t think you should be issuing blank checks in October of 2002 either.

Chad (The Left) Shue


Ozy said...

I think a loud message should be sent to the so-called democratic leadership. Vote for Tran in the primary! I am sick to death of these republican-lite democrats and the Leiberman republicans. Lets at the least SCARE THE HELL out of the sellouts in the primary! There is truly no better way to honor the real democrat incumbents. Once we eliminate those who failed the party we will show some real progress bringing democracy back to the country. If it comes down to it, I hope all of us vote against Mini-Slade in November.

It’s time for the progressives to develop the kind of leadership in the democratic party which will inspire Americans from any party to come on board and save our country from this preemptive attack by the plutocracy on the working class.
Joe Lieberman must go! He is a cancer in the party!

Cowboy Diva said...

Don't forget her stance and efforts on ANWR; that alone should be worth something in the progressive worldview.

Chad Shue said...

I will leave the primary vote up to others now. I was always in this to win with Mark (as far fetched as that might seem).

As I heard all the time with Mark in the race, you can't expect to win on just one issue. If ANWR is the only thinkg Cantwell can hang a shingle on, that she has already lost.

Oil and blood don't mix any more that water and oil do. I don't make an even trade between oil in Alaska and blood in Iraq.

As I say, she gets my vote - not my love.

Chad (The Left) Shue

Nancy Ging said...

So why not support Hong Tran, Chad? She is strongly against continuing the Iraq occupation, she supports universal single-payer health care, and so on down the litany of progressive platform issues. Even better, she has demonstrated skills related to writing laws and bringing the opposition around to her side of the issues.

Frankly, I have been warning people since last winter that I believed Wilson was not a serious candidate. He confirmed that over the weekend. We have a strong and capable progressive in the race that I believe IS a serious candidate.

I urge you (and all progressives) to be objective and look at the options in these new circumstances. Voting for Tran can no longer be seen as splitting the progressive vote. We have a real opportunity to unite once again and carry the anti-war message forward in a way that matters in this Senate race.

DakotaOutlaw said...

I sure would like if I didn't have to hold my nose and if I could actually breathe when I have to vote for Cantwell.

Chad Shue said...

I am really undecided about whether I will even vote in the primary at this point. If I do and Hong's name is still on the ballot, I will probably vote for her.

Unfortunately, we are not really left with much of an option this year. I have just located my Kerry clothes pin and am checking it out for the fit.

Chad (The Left) Shue

J Leonard said...

Who will the voters prefer?

Cantwell or McGavick?

They are both:
Pro Choice
Pro War (Iran next?)
Pro Tax breaks for wealthy
Pro Eliminating the Death Tax
Pro Patriot Act
Pro Bush appointees
Pro Pentagon budget
Pro Guantanamo
Pro Millionaires
Pro Outsourcing jobs
Pro Energy Independence
Pro Good Government
Pro Education
Pro Economic Growth

Neither has a plan for:
Universal Health Care
Social Security
Reducing the Deficit
Curtailing Military Expenditures
Stopping Torture
Campaign Finance Reform

And the differences are:
Cantwell is Pro Environment
McGavick is Anti Environment

Cantwell is a Democrat
McGavick is a Republican

Wake me when the recount is over.

wrongo said...

Is anybody even aware of Mark Wilson's stance on 9/11? Here from his campaign website:

Restore the trust of the people. Hold our government accountable for its actions and its words. End war profiteering. Stop lobbyists from writing legislation. Drive corruption out of the halls of government. Reveal the complete truth about 911.


Mark didn't even have the guts to reprint this on his most recent flyer, changing this bullet point to "...Drive corruption out of the halls of government."


I'd say that was the beginning of his belly roll.