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Friday, September 29, 2006

"Better" Democrats?

Goldy over at horsesass.org thinks we need a few more“better” Democrats in Congress. This seems to be a change in his attitude since he and other “liberal bloggers” were telling me (and others) who were unhappy with Maria Cantwell over certain less than Progressive votes that we should support our incumbent until we gained a majority in the Senate. They reasoned that even a "flawed" Democrat with money and the power of incumbency was better than risking a vote for a “better" Democrat who might lose to a republican.

So what has lead to this apparent change in view; from a simple majority to a majority of “better" Democrats? Well I guess it must be ok to anoint George Bush with the sole authority to send people off to die based on lies, ok to subpoena library records and perform “sneak and peek” searches of our homes, and fail to stand up with your convictions to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee who you have just said will likely trample our rights as Americans but voting for torture (especially when Cantwell voted “No”) crosses Goldy’s line. I guess that’s fine BUT, if the Democratic voters in the home states of the 12 “not so better" Democrats who voted for Bush’s “Get Out of Jail Free Act” are anything like Goldy or any of his cohorts in Washington State Democratic circles, they have probably just been protecting their incumbents while waiting for a Democratic majority to make it safe to replace them.

Now I know that this is going to be spun as some sort of sour grapes hit-piece on Maria Cantwell after her primary victory and I will be reminded that I should be attacking Mini-Slade (especially after reading this ) but what I saw on C-Span yesterday has me sick to my stomach and reading about the need for “better" Democrats from any of the party-line hacks in this state right now does not make it any better.

By the way, for my friends over at the Backbone Campaign: Have you ever asked anyone to return an award?

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Goldy said...

The only disagreement between me and you is how we get there. The Cantwell/McGavick race was always the wrong place to take a quixotic, ideological stand.

Tahoma Activist said...

Dude, you got the man himself to anoint your blog with an appearance! Aren't you special!

These hacks make me want to puke. Fascism is okay as long as it has the patina of "realism". Immoral war is okay as long as it's prosecuted well.

What a load of "horse"crap.

I just hope that more people like us get broadband, become bloggers and get politically active, so we can see how rare the Goldy opinions really are among ordinary folks.

Bloggers of the world unite!