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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

AG of Torture Declares Judges "Inferior"

In a story from the Associated Press, as presented by MSNBC.com, "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says federal judges are unqualified to make rulings affecting national security policy, ramping up his criticism of how they handle terrorism cases.
In remarks prepared for delivery Wednesday, Gonzales says judges generally should defer to the will of the president and Congress when deciding national security cases."

Also, according to a copy of Gonzales' prepared text which was acquired by the Associated Press, Gonzales, a former Texas Supreme Court Justice himself, will outline certain qualities the Bush Administration looks for in judges. "“We want to determine whether he understands the inherent limits that make an unelected judiciary inferior to Congress or the president in making policy judgments,” Gonzales says in the prepared speech. “That, for example, a judge will never be in the best position to know what is in the national security interests of our country.”" (Emphasis TLS)

The fact that this Attorney General and this administration have probably spent more time in front of an appeals court than any before them - defending themselves over such things as illegal wiretapping and illegal detentions of US citizens - might explain why they are so quick to overlook the co-equal nature of the judiciary as set out by the US Constitution. But, then again, this crowd has never let the constitution get in their way before.

Chad (The Left) Shue

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