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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Iraqi Parliment to Take Summer Recess?

Things MUST be going well in Iraq. Bush says the “surge” is showing signs of progress. McCain wants us to know that things in Baghdad are just like a walk in the park (with hundreds of armed troops, personal body armor, and a half-dozen combat helicopters overhead). But perhaps there is no better sign of “good times in the desert” than this – courtesy of our friends at Crooks and Liars dot com : ”Iraqi Parliament Planning TWO MONTH Recess!”

That’s right. While the Bush Surge is producing record deaths amongst Americans, British, and Iraqis, and while the debate at home is about holding the Iraqi government responsible for governing and producing some political results that will end the civil war in their country, the Iraq Parliament is taking a TWO MONTH break. The story from C&L comes with video from CNN.com. and quotes Michigan senator, Carl Levin, “…the present course in Iraq is failing. The Iraqis are no closer to political reconciliation today than they were at the time the surge started. Instead of Prime Minister Maliki’s government becoming stronger, it appears that it is weaker. Disagreements within the government have prevented proposals for de-Baathification and oil revenue sharing legislation from even being forwarded to the Council of Representatives for consideration. The committee considering amendments to the Iraqi Constitution appears to be as far from completing its work as it has always been. Meanwhile, the Assembly is apparently planning to go on a two month recess at the end of June. Let me repeat that since it is so unbelievable - the Iraqi Council of Representatives is apparently planning to go on a two month recess at the end of June. And incredibly, Hasan Suneid, a lawmaker and adviser to Prime Minister Maliki, was quoted in the paper the other day as saying that “time is irrelevant.” Well time is plenty relevant to us, our troops and their families.”

Apparently the Iraqi Council of Representatives has been taking lessons from George W Bush; when the going gets tough, go on vacation.

Chad (The Left) Shue

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