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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some Salt for your Wound?

As if the so-called "compromise" Iraq funding bill that will be offered up and voted on by the Cowardly Lion (previously referred to as the Democratic Majority) is not enough to make you cry - scream - spit; David Sirota has a learned something else to add to your sense of betrayal:

"Dick Cheney Dems Plan to Hide Votes on Iraq TODAY":

"Today is the day House Democrats are expected to vote on Iraq - except, news out of Washington this morning says the leadership has come up with a nifty little trick to try to prevent the public from seeing who voted for giving Bush a blank check, and who voted against it. If you thought Democrats were behaving like cowards by caving into a President at a three-decade low in presidential polling and giving him the very blank check they explicitly promised not to give him during the 2006 election, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We are watching the rise of the Dick Cheney Democrats - that is, the rise of Democrats who endorse governing in secret and hiding the public’s business from the public itself.

Here’s how it is expected to work today in a process only Dick Cheney could love (though you never know - it could change at the last minute). Every bill comes to the House floor with what is known as a “rule” that sets the terms of the debate over the legislation in question. House members first vote to approve this parliamentary rule, and then vote on the legislation. Today, however, Democrats are planning to essentially include the Iraq blank check bill IN the rule itself, by making sure the underlying bill the rule brings to the floor includes no timelines for withdrawal, and that the rule only allows amendments that fund the war with no restrictions - blank check amendments that House Democratic leaders know Republicans will have the votes to pass.

This means that when the public goes to look for the real vote on the Iraq supplemental bill, the public won’t find that. All we will find is a complex parliamentary procedure vote, which was the real vote..."

I sincerely hope that this will not be the case. However, knowing that this vote will effectively eliminate any support that was being cultivated with earlier rhetoric about "representing the will of the people" I would imagine many Democrats will want to believe that they can hide.

To be sure, I will be looking under every bush and in every dark corner to see which democrats vote for this measure. Not since October of 2002 has there been a more defining vote by Congressional Democrats. As the saying goes, "You can run....but if you vote for this, you WILL have a challenger."

Chad (The Left) Shue

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