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Friday, July 27, 2007

IWR News

Iraq Body Count: 07/27/07
Americans Killed: 3646
Americans Wounded: 26,953
Iraqi Dead: Est.: 655,000
"We don't do body counts." General Tommy Franks

Latest Confirmed Casualties:

*Cpl. Rhett A. Butler, 22, of Fort Worth, TX died July 20 in Khan Bani Sa’d, Iraq.

*Sgt. Jacob S. Schmuecker, 27, of Atkinson, NE died July 21 in Balad, Iraq.

*Cpl. Christopher G. Scherer, 21, of East Northport, NY died July 21 in Al Anbar province, Iraq.

*Sgt. Shawn G. Adams, 21, of Dixon, CA died July 22, in Owaset, Iraq.

*Lance Cpl. Bobby L. Twitty, 20, of Bedias, TX died July 22 Al Anbar province, Iraq.

*Hospitalman Daniel S. Noble, 21, of Whittier, CA died July 24 in the Dilaya Province, Iraq.

*Lance Cpl. Robert A. Lynch, 20, of Louisville, KY died July 24 in Diyala province, Iraq.

*Cpl. James H. McRae, 22, of Springtown, TX died July 24 in Diyala province, Iraq.

*Cpl. Matthew R. Zindars, 21, of Watertown, WI died July 24 in Diyala province, Iraq.

*Staff Sgt. Joshua P. Mattero, 29, of San Diego, CA died July 24 in Baqubah, Iraq.

*Sgt. Courtney D. Finch, 27, of Leavenworth, KN died July 24 in Qayyarah, Iraq.

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