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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Media Lies and Presidential Candidates

The presidential campaign is in full swing. Before you make your choice take time to know all candidates and make sure your choice will fight for your interests not special-interest.

Will you vote for a candidate because she or he has charisma, is black, white, male or female or the one you think is the smartest? All candidates have positives and negatives. However only one has pledged to fight for policies, I believe will be beneficial to all Americans.

These policies are;
#1 End the war in Iraq

#2 National Health Care Medicare for all. (like some 40 million seniors and disabled people. Also the government-funded plan that 9 million federal employees enjoy including Congress and the president. Getting insurance profiteers out of the healthcare industry.)

#3 Public financing of elections (putting a stop to lobbyists bribing our representatives.

#4 scrapping all trade agreements and renegotiating agreements to protect American jobs.

These four policies are the most important problems of today along with illegal immigration and global warming.

Don't let the lobbyist buy your vote with their million-dollar national campaigns or the sad deceptive media hype that keeps you from knowing who the best candidate is.

Most candidates will bow to their corporate masters and continue the failed policies that are ruining our country.

Vote out Corporatocracy and vote back democracy.
Vote for DENNIS KUCINICH for a better life for all Americans. He could be another FDR, remember the president who got us Social Security.

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Vernon Huffman said...

Well said, Chad. I saw Kucinich recently at the Veterans for Peace convention, just before he and his wife, Elizabeth, flew to Syria to meet leaders there. Last summer, I had a conversation with Elizabeth right after they flew to Lebanon to personally examine the impacts of the Israeli invasion. They didn't announce their travel plans to the US State Dept or any of the region's governments; just went out and talked to real people face-to-face. This is the kind of courage and vision I want in the White House. Strength through peace!