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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funding Veterans With the Blood of GI's

In what seems to be another in a never-ending list of Democratic disappointments coming from Washington DC, it now appears that Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the so-called Democratic Leadership is preparing to shove another “Iraq Supplemental” down our throats. This time they are planning to coat the bitter pill with the very deserving “new GI Bill.” I first heard this on the Rachel Maddow Show on Air America on Tuesday when she was talking to Paul Rieckhoff, from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America What caught me off guard was the fact that Maddow, someone whose anti Iraq Occupation credentials have been beyond reproach simply accepted the statement from Rieckhoff and concluded the interview without comment on that strategy.

Rather than just post something based on a snippet of information I waited until I had a chance to do some more looking around. So today I ran across this item from Military.com

“Dems to Add GI Bill Funding to War Bill”

April 24, 2008
Associated Press

”WASHINGTON - House Democratic leaders plan to add extended unemployment benefits and new education funding for veterans to President Bush's war funding bill while dropping lots of other party priorities.

Facing a veto threat, Democrats such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi don't want to try to add billions of dollars for roads, bridges and other ideas such as heating subsidies for the poor and increases in food stamp benefits.”

I don’t know about you, but I read this as, ‘We don’t want to do anything that might make Bush angry before the presidential election – this includes giving as much as he wants (more even) for the continuing occupation of Iraq.’ In fact, the article continues,

”Bush has promised to veto any bill that exceeds his pending $108 billion request to fund U.S. military and diplomatic efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a tougher line than he took last spring, when he accepted about $17 billion in domestic funding as part of a $120 billion war funding measure.

Democrats are in fact planning on not only providing the $108 billion to fund the war through the Sept. 30, the end of the 2008 budget year, but they're likely to add another $70 billion for next year so they don't have to vote on war funding again in the fall election season.
(Emphasis TLS)

I hope the families of the 51 American service members who lost their lives in the Middle East in April understand just how the Democratic “leadership” has decided to run out the clock at the expense of those lives (and the many more to come before …we just don’t know when). Oh, and about the “new GI Bill” -

Adding the much deserved educational benefits for our veterans to the “supplemental” ”…would make it more palatable for anti-war Democrats to provide money until the next president takes office.”

Personally, I hope they choke on it.

Chad (The Left) Shue

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