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Sunday, January 22, 2012

DFA Endorses Darcy Burner in the "New 1st" - Will you?

Darcy Burner, DFA Endorsed

A little over a week ago I wrote here about the opportunity for Progressives to help define the newly drawn 1st Congressional District.

“I guess the thing that has sparked my interest the most is that, with an open seat, comes an opportunity for a real debate between an unabashed, unapologetic Progressive Democrat and the party’s new “moderate wing” [aka conservadems] for a spot on the general election ballot.” I define the choice this way, ” This year’s contest offers the voters a choice between a champion of Progressive values and activism in Darcy Burner (formerly of the 8th CD and currently Executive Director of ProgressiveCongress.org) and a truly unabashed moderate (founding member and leader of the centrist Roadkill Caucus in Olympia) in State Senator Steve Hobbs (D-44th LD).”

Well it would appear that one of the country’s largest progressive action organizations agrees with me. As I reported at the Examiner on Thursday, Democracy for America (DFA) has released its initial round of endorsements for the 2012 primary elections and Darcy Burner is included in that group of 5. Obviously for Darcy this means access to a large database of Progressive activists and donors from around the country but, more than what this means for the candidate is what it should be saying to Progressives in the district and in surrounding districts – there is an expectation that we will stand up for our values and do what we can to help the candidate who best personifies those values to advance in to the general election and on to Congress.

The 1st CD is as diverse in geography and population as our state has to offer and yet there is a common thread that runs through all of the country these days; a desire for political candidates and elected representatives who are not afraid to define themselves and who are proud to stand behind their principles. Darcy Burner is such a candidate. There are those who will say that she is “too liberal” for the district. To these folks we must respond that this district has yet to cast a single vote in an election and, therefore cannot be defined as liberal or conservative. The only question we should be concerned with is: Who would best represent the interests of the people? Who will work hard to bring jobs that won’t devastate the environment or force working people to still apply for food stamps because their wages simply won’t stretch far enough to support their family? Who will continue to fight to move us closer to universal healthcare through a Medicare for All approach, rather than move us further down the dead end road of for profit healthcare? Who will fight for budgetary equality between feeding and educating our children and sending them off to war? Who will work for greater energy independence though clean energy initiatives rather than continue us down the destructive path of fossil fuel dependency? Who will fight for a 1st rate free public education for all our children rather than gamble our hard earned tax dollars on “reform” schemes that will take those dollars away from our children’s futures? Who will lead the fight to ensure that businesses who might otherwise exploit the workers or risk the health and well being of the consumer are regulated and those regulations are enforced rather than leave the foxes in charge of the hen house?

For many Progressives, the first term of President Obama has been less than hoped for. Much of the blame may be left at the Oval Office door; and yet a large portion of the blame lies with a Democratic Party and Congress that has failed to stand up for the principles outlined above. Darcy Burner has been an advocate for these principles and more; both as a candidate for office and more importantly through her works in Washington DC with the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Now is the time for Progressives in the 1st CD and across the state to advocate for those values which we all hold dear by advocating for Darcy Burner in Washington’s new 1st CD.

Howard Dean speaks on Darcy's behalf during her 2008 campaign in the 8th CD - Photo Credit: NPI

Find out how you can help by visiting her website and her Facebook page. (or if you would prefer to donate right now, simply click the link on the left: “The Left Shue Supports”) The Democrats have a real chance to re-claim the US House this year. Let’s make it a Progressive House.

Chad (the Left) Shue

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