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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Marriage Equality and the Battle Ahead

Yesterday the Washington State House of Representatives followed the historic lead of their colleagues in the senate and passed the Marriage Equality bill by a vote of 55-43. With Governor Gregoire’s signature, Washington State will become the 7th state in the country to recognize marriage equality for all of our citizens.

But wait! Don’t be too quick with the champagne. Before the ink is dry on the law that will strike down sanctioned discrimination in our state, the American Taliban is lining up to strike down the law. Opponents of marriage equality have already announced that they have $1 Million to put into a referendum effort. A great deal of the money is coming from out of state. This group of would be “Christian” soldiers will soon be recruiting signature gatherers for their petition to continue imposing their fundamentalist (read: out of step) views on the citizens of our state. Much of the recruiting will be done from the pulpit and many of the recruits will file directly from their pews to the streets. Don’t misunderstand me. I will defend with my life anyone’s right to worship and express their religious beliefs. What I will not abide is someone attempting to force their personal religion on any other citizen. More than fight, I will join in any effort to remove tax exemptions from any and all religious persons or organizations that use their houses of worship and their positions of influence to engage in the political process.

As for the effort to overturn the soon to be new law, the obvious best outcome here would be for a successful “Decline to Sign” campaign to deny the homophobic zealots enough signatures to place a referendum on the November ballot. However, if the effort to deny equality to all of our citizens should find itself on that ballot, we are left to hope that, just as with Referendum 71, the more rational among us will force these losers back into the dark ages where they belong.

By the way, if you have not signed the “Thank You” petition at Daily Kos, check out the link on my previous post here.


Chad (The Left) Shue

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